Dead Man Talking explores the claims of Angel Resendiz, aka The Railroad Killer, that he killed over 40 people across the U.S. in the 80s and 90s. Resendiz earned his moniker, The Railroad Killer, by criss-crossing the country via freight train, locating remote towns and choosing his victims at random. Resendiz was executed by the State of Texas in 2006, but that isn’t the end of his story.

Before his death, Rezendiz spoke to journalist Alex Hannaford and claimed, on tape, to have killed more than he took blame for.

The authorities said Angel Resendiz was lying in an attempt to delay his own death. But, haunted by the crackly interview tape, Alex is determined to investigate. Then a letter arrives from a woman serving life in prison for her husband’s murder — telling him that Resendiz once confessed to that killing too.

From the Audioboom Originals podcast network, Dead Man Talking investigates one of the most notorious serial killers in US history.



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Alex Hannaford is an investigative journalist who began his career at South China Morning Post in Hong Kong and the Lymington Times in England. He’s written about the death penalty, harsh sentencing, religion, culture and human rights issues for the Sunday Times, The Guardian, GQ, The Atlantic, and the Texas Observer. A dual British-U.S. citizen, Alex divides his time between Texas and London.

Peter Sale is a sound designer and producer who has worked with The Guardian, The New York Times, Audible, the British Film Institute, Channel 4, BBC Radio 4 and 5Live.